One day, I watched on TV
I was surprise in what I see
I feel he was so strange
The man who made me change
I like the way he sing and dance
And I wish U had a chance
Just to talk to him in personal
And I want him to be my pal

It's only when I dream
I can touch and hold him
I can feel his kiss so gently
I can hug him tenderly
I can talk to him freely
Then he said he loves me
And then I got to blush
Because he is my celebrity crush

(I was Aaron Carter's #1 fan here in our place during that time. I bought all magazines, all the stuffs related to him.)


Doubts in my mind what I feel for you
Asking to myself if I love you so
This foolish feeling that suddenly comes
Sometimes emotional and sometimes I'm numb

Whenever you're around I can touch the heaven
And think you are great among the men
But when you're not here and can't see you around
Don't care about you even a single sound

There are questions in my mind
If you're really one of a kind
Must be love or infatuation
This feeling's full of hesitation

(I wrote this poem when I am 14 and had a feeling of a guy which I've known for so long. This sounds so funny but it is really true. I am now reminiscing my teenage life.. lol)


Don't look straight into my eyes
If all you can do are lies
Don't you ever try
The things that makes me cry
Don't call me lover
If it will cause me suffer
Don't tell your feeling
If you don't care a thing

Please don't say Hi
If it means Goodbye
Don't say you're going to
If you never plan it so
Never touch a life
If you mean to break it
And don't say I LOVE YOU
If hatred is in you

(I wrote this poem when I'm 15, I had a crush (I thought were mutual) but he had a gf which made my heart torn to pieces)


When I was in the dark
You light me and call
You always lift me up
Every time I fall
You always there to teach me
Because I was a fool
I'm foolish in your words
But you light my heart and soul

When my steps lead me astray
You're always there to help me
Reminding me to pray
All you do is for my safety
Nothing more I have to say
For the good things you've done to me
In your name I shall stay
OH GOD! You're so good to me.


Step forwardly with all your dreams
Along the rivers, seas and streams
Never stop in the middle
Let yourself solve life's riddle

Look directly to your point of view
Watch out the future and what's new
Fill your mind with good intentions
Let your heart holds one nation

Determination is the beginning of power
Your harmless hands can build a tower
Don't forget He's the only answer
Ears are open through every prayer

Failure is the fear of the most
Wrong handling, many are lost
Many think success if forever
Journey to unknown they're going to enter.


The Heart of a Mother

This is the first time that ever happened to me, it is very strange and I can’t explain of what I truly feel. I felt like my daughter is in danger at any time and it scares me a lot.  She’s too young surrounded by the foolish kids in our community. She might get hooked by the fangs of the crack-minded people. It quivers me when my thoughts came of the unwanted circumstances that may come along her way.
I suddenly close my eyes and open my heart towards HIM. “Oh Please, relieve my emotions and worries about my daughter. You gave her to me; she’s the most wonderful gift that I only received from you. Please guide her as she makes her single step and in her walk to the crossroads. Cover her eyes as she passes this downtrodden world. I may not be the perfect mother but teach me how to plant a seed of faith in her heart and grow it with your love and existence
It’s like a magic and the strange feeling was gone. My heart is lighter now and the heavy feeling that almost drags me to the ground was completely gone. I cried because I believe that God is always on my side even though I caused a lot of pains to Him. 


Live POSITIVE and Let Negative Passed You By

Do you think that you caught all the bad lucks when God showers his blessings in the whole world? Do you imagine some pitiful situations to your life and easily discouraged? Just think a million times, he will never give us such trials if he knew that we can’t overcome. Never let negativity drags you down. If you do, the gravity of your inner core will destruct your whole system that affects your perceptions in life. Some people are suffering emotional distress due to this problem, did you know that this will affect your health and can kill you? 

     Have you experienced being annoyed/teased/mocked by somebody? Seat back and relaxed, these people are just instruments by God to measure how strong your faith in Him. Try to be passive, this doesn’t mean you are coward, the truth is, you are brave enough to face the situation without getting any trouble. Be thankful you are treated that way; it means you are above to them and maybe that's the reason why they're finding ways to let you down.

Here's some ways in order to erase all your negative feelings and personality:

 Always wear a smile. If you start your day with a "smile" then it will end that way too. 

  1. Be appreciative. Life is Beautiful and God is so Great.
  2. Think you are the best no matter what. We are all unique, right? Find the uniqueness that God has given you. Live with a good purpose.
  3. If you can't express your burdens in life, express it through writing. Try it! It's fun, read it on the next day you won't believe that it is you who wrote it.
  4. Aim for the good things to come, if one door closed, remember there are still windows to open.
  5. Accept failures. It is part of our imperfections, but be thankful because we learned from it, right?

Always keep your fingers crossed and everything will be alright. Think “POSITIVE” and you’ll gain double.


Avoid Morning Rush

OMG! “Morning Rush” Over and Over Again! 
Are you one of those people snubbed their alarm clock screams a hundred times, or turned it off and overslept? Or had gone to the office with a tangled hair? If yes, you are 100% certified heavy sleeper. Heavy Sleeping is an excessive daytime sleepiness over a long period of time. It is a disorder which called "Hypersomnia." 
Here are some common factors of getting this kind of disorder: 
  1. Habitual – an activity being practiced by a length of time. 
  2. Stressful day at work 
  3. overdrive with personal/financial problems 
  4. caffeine and other medications 
  5. insomnia (shift of work due to lack of nighttime sleep)
This disorder caused trouble, e.g. tardiness (inputs negative impression to your employer that affects your work performance).  Read one of incident below and you may encounter this embarrassment if you continue your bad habit.
“I used to be a heavy sleeper after an incident that changed my whole life” confessed by one of my officemate, “I was riding in a public vehicle and I put my lipstick on looking at my mirror but suddenly the vehicle stops and my nose turns into red. I was thinking that everybody in the vehicle laughed at me. That’s the time I decided to arrive earlier to avoid hassles and embarrassment” 
In order to treat this problem, here are some suggestions which can help you find ways to overcome your “morning rush” syndrome:
  1.   eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits (helps regulates your body system) 
  2. avoid stressful night activities 
  3. exercise regularly even just 10-20 minutes a day 
  4. sleep early as what other says “early in bed is early to wake”
So don't start your day messed up, waking up early relaxes your brain and keeps you away from stress. If you are a mom, it is so good to prepare the needs of your family e.g cooking their breakfast, preparing their clothes to wear, combing their hair, etc. These are simple things that forever be remembered with your loved ones.
       Rush, rush, rush morning is over and welcome the "Big Change in your Life!"